In pursuit of my dream

Coming for you

From the old album when I visited the National Zoological Park in New Delhi. On the 1st visit, just shot like that, 2nd visit gave me some thoughts on how to work. Would love to go on a third outing again to capture the animals even better.PS: This pic was uploaded earlier. But, I did it again with somewhat better processing which gave a sense of feeling to my heart :)Regards and have a happy weekend everyone :)

I am Mr. Tom

Thanks to this little squirrel who let me capture few moments and posed for me under perfect lighting.Wish you all a very happy Sunday!

Who's the Boss?

I loved this pose of the bird. They have a family settled on this tree and this one protecting the little ones from enemies.I gave the caption considering its pose :)

King's Crown

From the past to the present. Loved its crown :) I couldn't do much as it gave me a hard time and I was trying to get a clear view of this bird. Finally, I captured it the way I wanted and, well, the entire pic is brown thereby reducing the highlight on the bird.

Two to Tango

Fortunate to capture these very tiny bees


This is the only clear image I could get of this tiny bird after several attempts. I almost ignored this assuming that I failed again. Yesterday, while glancing through the albums, fortunately I came across this one :)Have a nice week ahead :)

Turning Right

Every feather in full function :)

Who's there?

Close encounter

After the regular morning photowalk in the park two days ago, this fellow greeted me flying very close to my home. The camera was still on and I had to hurriedly fix the zoom and capture it. For the first time that it came that close to me.

Busy guy

While walking around in the park to capture Birds, I sat down for a while tried to focus on the flowers, which I never did till date. Then I found these very tiny things flying around and with my 70-300mm, tried to see if I could get a good closeup like the macro shots. It's for you to judge.

Near the Wood.

From the Past

I see you.

One from yesterday morning's attempt. Regards


One from the past :)


One more shot. It was pretty tough to get a clear view under the shades on a cloudy day and on the wrong side of the lighting. A little bit of exposure did the trick. Regards

Happy Sunday

Have a nice Sunday :)

Dr. Little

After a somewhat disappointing morning walk yesterday, while returning home due to paucity of time and a bit dejected, I saw this little one on the railings. I just threw my cigarette away, turned on the CAM and shot with the settings set already. It turned out to be a good capture as I had to only adjust the exposure. And this made my day :) Regards and have a nice weekend all :)

Toss it up.

After almost two weeks, after dropping my daughter to the school, I picked up the camera and rushed to the nearby Park to capture any of the moments within the 30 minutes time frame. As soon as I entered the park, I was greeted by this little one, a bird that I have encountered for the first time. Shot over 60 odd pics and I loved this one since it was tossing up its breakfast. I may post yet another picture of this bird on a later date. Got two birds this morning :) Wish you a very wonderful day. Regards!

Heading South

Sorry, mistakenly deleted the earlier one and while reuploading I found this one :) Always in a hurry to click OK without reading the contents.. Regards


Another one close enough

Pose for you!

I do not know the name of this bird. But I heard some say, if you see 1, then it's sorrow, 2 then happiness, etc. etc. I saw them in a bunch though. But this one came out quick and landed on the branch right in front of me. I cropped it to over 60 percent and happy that I managed to get a clear shot. Regards :)

Ah!! Finally!!

Finally, five hours wait on the top of my building, trying to get a clear shot of any of the kites, to see if at all I can improvise myself considering the poor show every time, has paid off. I managed to get good 3-4 shots out of 200 odd. These are those which got details in the pic with almost 100% crop factor. I am happy that I managed this. However, I know this is not anyway near to the great pics which I have come across on 500px. It made my Sunday :) This server is certainly making me push beyond boundaries in terms of taking clear shots :)

I Found You!

One from the recent visit :) With the fading Sunlight, I waited patiently for over an hour to shoot this big cat in the zoo. I fixed my areas as to when to shoot. My thrust was to catch it's face with some sun light on it. Very fortunately, when my patience was running out, someone yelled at him and the big boy turned at the spot I selected. And there you go :)

Innocent Look

One from the past, some might have seen it as I uploaded this when I was relatively new to this site.

The Predator

One from the morning session. Thankfully, I was at the right place at the right moment. Crossed the road and crawled slowly to get a closer and better capture.Happy Sunday :)

The Looks

A sequel to the yesterday's pic. Had a good time and by far yesterday's shots are the best sharp captures of mine. Yet need to improve. We were playing cricket the other side of the park and noticed this kite just landing to have a sip of water. Rushed to the other side, sat down and kept crawling to get a clear shot. The effort was worth every bit :)Regards

On Top!

One from the morning walks

Do You Like Me Too?

Last Sunday, when I thought that another Sunday morning walk in the park turned out to be not that great, while reviewing the pics, I came across this one. While capturing the pic, I didn't pay attention to what I was doing. I was, in fact, waiting for a Robin hiding in the bushes to give me a show. This pic later turned out to be too cool for me, especially with those words written on that brick. And then, I felt, "Oh! it made my day!" :)

Hey, You!

A new kite found during one Sunday morning walk in the Park

Morning Prayer

Today's walk in the park

Being Conscious

One from the last Sunday Walk in the Park

Little Robin

From last Sunday Morning Walk in the Park

What an Algorithm!!

Only twice over the past several months that my pics reached first page. One was there but was hit my dislikers at that time. Wondered today to see the first page full of 99.9 pics. Realized why it happened. And then began the fun game. Well, I am happy for paying for the membership. For the past few months, I couldn't get more fun than here at 500px.

Sunday Morning

This was taken last Sunday morning when I want for a walk in the park. This little one, which is very hard to catch, fortunately landed on the bushes very next to me. Luckily, the bushes were also highlighted by the morning Sun rays.

That Look!

One from the old albums

Catch me if you can!

One from an effort to get a clear shot of the sudden jumps of this Myna to catch the bees hiding on the grass. Hopefully, one day I can get a much sharper image

Kiss my $$$. Open!

This is a shot preceding the one which I uploaded yesterday. This is the starting point of the jump which this little guy took after noticing me crawling trying to get near him. But, I just loved the way everything is stretched in this pic :)

Run Baby, Run

Today's Walk in the Park

You can't see me :)

A sequel to the yesterday's upload. Loved this one's reaction closing the eyes and bending a little as if he's trying to hide from me :)

Oops, Caught!

One from yesterday's Walk in the Park

Okay, click!

Whenever I feel dejected for not being able to capture anything in the park, something or the other makes my day within the short route to home. This little one obliged me for this pic before flying away.

Straight Flight

CLICK ON THE PICTURE AND PRESS "M" for better view After trying to catch this common bird in its usual behaviour, i found one flying at a farther distance. I got this result after almost 85% crop. Lucky to have a perfect background. Have a happy Sunday everyone (mine is almost over in this part of the world).

For a New House

Preparation for a new home

Who are you?

Shot day before yesterday while returning. Lucky to spot this and my first of its kind.

Waking up in Wet Land

Today's morning capture. This little one cannot fly and just walked around to get food. I stared for good 30 minutes capturing pics and he stared likewise. Hope he wanted to get into a photoshoot and can fly otherwise.

Power of Seduction!

Thanks to my friend who showed me a pic at 500px and instantly it reminded me of another one which I had taken during the first week of this month. Regards :)

The Chase

Morning Love

Moments ago, paid a visit to the park in front of my home. Chose a location and waited. These squirrels joined the party and gave a good start to my day :) Have a wonderful Sunday my friends :)

The Aggressor

Found this while flushing out old albums. Loved the look on its face.